Abbeyfield helps thousands of older people every day

Our charity was set up in 1956 to help alleviate the overwhelming loneliness and isolation experienced by so many older people, leaving them vulnerable and feeling unable to cope alone.

We now have 500 Abbeyfield homes, where older people can enjoy their later life without the worries of running their own home, supported by our staff and dedicated volunteers.

But we also open our doors to older people from the local community so they, too, can benefit from Abbeyfield’s wide-ranging support and friendship.

In addition, our specialist care and innovative dementia care homes are places where every resident is treated with respect and dignity – and is encouraged to live a fulfilling later life, not just be cared for.

Every older person deserves to live a good, happy and rewarding later life. With an ageing population, Abbeyfield is building for the future so we can be there for all those who’ll need our help.

Registered Charity No. 200719