Peace Direct

Peace Direct

Peace Direct works to stop conflict and save lives. Every week 1,000 people will die in wars and up to 15,000 more will die from related causes like malnutrition. This has to stop.

We support local people to find their own solutions to conflict. In the world’s most fragile countries, we seek out dynamic local people who are making a real difference, building peace in the heart of their own communities. They are disarming rebels, resettling refugees, protecting the vulnerable, uniting communities and restarting economies. They work at great personal risk to prevent, resolve and heal conflicts, and break the cycles of violence.

Local people understand the causes of conflict and what needs to be done to stop it. And they refuse to give up on peace, because it’s where they live and raise their families.

Your gift will support them as they stop violence and save lives.


Registered Charity No. 1123241